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€ 1,200

 - Ορόκλινη
 - Κοινόχρηστα (συμπ.)
 - Ανεξάρτητο
 - Επίπεδα 2
 - Μπάνια/Ντους 2
 - WC 3
 - Τιμή/τ.μ. €9.23/τ.μ.
  · θάλασσα
 - Κήπος
 - Καλυμ: 130 τ.μ.
 - Βεράντα 50 τ.μ.
 - Οικόπεδο: 450 τ.μ.
 - Ημ. Κατασκ. 2000

 - Έπιπλα:
  · σεντόνια
  · κρεβάτια
  · καναπές
  · τραπεζαρία
  · κουρτίνες

 - Συσκευές:
  · φούρνος
  · Εστίες (Μάτια)
  · στεγνωτήριο

Οικόπεδο (Ζώνη)
 - Είδος Δρόμου: ασφαλτωμένος δρόμος
 - Με τα πόδια
  · Παραλία
  · τράπεζα
  · φαρμακείο
  · περίπτερο
  · φούρνος
  · πάρκο
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A spectacular villa exclusively designed and furnished, located on one of the most sought out holiday spots on the island. The home is a true inspiration for quality living and answers to your wildest dreams for a magnificent holiday stay.

With just a breath away from a serviced tourist beach, the residents of this beautiful house have access to a variety of gourmet restaurants, shops, recreational activities, banks and bars.

This detached villa is part of a complex of several similar properties benefiting an entrance remote control security. The villa has spacious interior and exterior areas benefitting the fresh sea breeze.

This 3 bedroom villa has been modernly designed throughout with luxury in mind. The sleek kitchen has top of the range fitted electrical appliances serving a comfortable patio area for chilling out.

The villa may be rented out long term with a contract signed at 1200 euro per month

Also for short term rental, the price is 120 euro per day plus electricity consumption For more details and bookings please contact Joanna from Century21 tel 97870001

Γραφείο 203, Λεωφ. Ακροπόλεως 8, Στρόβολος, 2006 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
Εγγεγραμμένο και Αδειούχο Κτηματομεσιτικό Γραφείο ΑΕ627 ΑΑ108/Ε
Τηλ: +357 2245 2040 / www.c21broker.net
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