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Οικόπεδο (οικιστικό)

€ 130,000

 - Κόρνος
 - Καλό Χωριό

 - Τιμή/τ.μ. €92/τ.μ.
€123,013 / Σκάλα
 - Οικόπεδο: 1,414 τ.μ.
 - 1.1 Σκάλες
Οικόπεδο (Ζώνη)
 - Συντ.Δομ. 140%
 - Είδος Δρόμου: ασφαλτομένος δρόμος
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Nowadays, Kalo Chorio of Larnaca faces the future with a sense of optimism since it is one of the highly developing areas of the district. Several people have chosen to remain or live in Kalo Chorio of Larnaca due to the ease of access to and fro their workplace, whether this is located in Nicosia or Larnaca. This ease is attributed to the location of the community, as well as to the well-developed road network which connects Kalo Chorio of Larnaca both with the city of Larnaca and the capital city. The property in question is an agricultural one with allowance to build 140 sq. meters.It has both electricity and water access and is only 200 meters from the built up area. So, it is a quiet area with easy access to the main roads and highway. Priced at 130000 euros, this large dimensional plot of 1,414 sq. meters may be considered a bargain. If you are thinking to plant trees and use part of it agriculturally, that's fine as it is of course suitable because of water access.
Γραφείο 203, Λεωφ. Ακροπόλεως 8, Στρόβολος, 2006 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
Εγγεγραμμένο και Αδειούχο Κτηματομεσιτικό Γραφείο ΑΕ627 ΑΑ108/Ε
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