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Χωράφι (αγροτικό)

€ 40,000

 - Αβδελλερό
 - Τιμή/τ.μ. €5.44/τ.μ.
€7,274 / Σκάλα
 - Τίτλος (Κοτσιάνι)
 - Οικόπεδο: 7,358 τ.μ.
 - 5.5 Σκάλες
Γη (Ζώνη)
 - Συντ.Δομ. 10%
 - Συντ.Καλ. 10%
 - Μεγ.Ύψος 83 Μέτρα
 - Είδος Δρόμου: χωματόδρομος
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Location of this spacious plot is in the Avdellero area, approximately 800 meters adjacent to the main road to the up and coming Athienou village

The plot is a wide flattened terrain lying between slopes of mountainous “protected area”, benefitting cool breezes.

The land has matured almond fruit trees and can easily be cultivated because of the fertile soil

Possibility to build a spacious house Access to the plot is approximately 500 meters drive from the main road to Athienou.The plot is approximately 20 minutes drive to the center of Larnaca

Γραφείο 203, Λεωφ. Ακροπόλεως 8, Στρόβολος, 2006 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
Εγγεγραμμένο και Αδειούχο Κτηματομεσιτικό Γραφείο ΑΕ627 ΑΑ108/Ε
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