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€ 1,700,000

 - Άγιος Τύχωνας
 - Τουριστική Περιοχή Αγίου Τύχωνα
 - Παραλιακός δρόμος (Λεμεσός)

 - Οροφοδιαμέρισμα
 - Χώρος Στάθμευσης (Καλυμμένος)
 - 2 Όροφος
 - WC 2
 - Τιμή/τ.μ. €6,719/τ.μ.
 - Τίτλος (Κοτσιάνι)
  · θάλασσα
 - Καλυμ: 253 τ.μ.
 - Ημ. Κατασκ. 2019

 - Ανελκ/ρς
 - Θέα προς
  · θάλασσα
  · πόλη
  · γήπεδο γκολφ
 - Με τα πόδια
  · Παραλία
  · τράπεζα
  · φαρμακείο
  · Κομμωτήριο
  · Ινστιτούτο Αισθητικής
  · περίπτερο
  · φούρνος
  · πάρκο
 - 5 λεπτά από
  · νηπιαγωγείο
  · δημοτικό σχολείο
  · γυμνάσιο/λύκειο σχολέιο
  · γυμναστήριο
  · υπεραγορά
  · κολυμβητήριο
  · παιδότοπος
  · εκκλησία
  · παραλία
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LUXURY WHOLE-FLOOR OFFICE Its prime location enjoys panoramic sea views with direct access to the beachfront and secured private rear & basement parking. These luxury offices are geared toward progressive businesses that require all the expected luxuries in a modern facility, with outstanding retail space on the ground floor and supporting mezzanine & basement level storage rooms. The first and second floor host single open plan office spaces, unlike any other development seen to-date. All major mechanical facilities are located internally on their very own floor. WHY CYPRUS -Multicultural and diverse Cyprus with its 340 sunny days a year and captivating nature becomes an ideal place to combine and perfectly balance between leisure and business. It’s easy-going Mediterranean lifestyle, well-planned infrastructure, and some of the most welcoming people in the world…all in a modern and well-functioning environment. -Cyprus offers an enviable lifestyle in a safe, clean and healthy environment with high living standards. Low crime levels, year-round sunshine, centuries of art and culture, and a delicious gastronomy all contribute to a high quality of life. Cyprus is ranked 4th based on the assessment of Quality of Life in 2016 and shares the place with Jersey, Malta, Monaco and UAE. -Cyprus is a safe and stable setting ideal for raising families. It has been ranked the safest smaller country in Value Penguin’s Safest Countries in the world (2015) and fifth worldwide.
Γραφείο 203, Λεωφ. Ακροπόλεως 8, Στρόβολος, 2006 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
Εγγεγραμμένο και Αδειούχο Κτηματομεσιτικό Γραφείο ΑΕ627 ΑΑ108/Ε
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